Wednesday, April 22, 2009


sOoOOOOOo. Cali was popppin like 8 billion percent. * Ha* i got to dance for the one and only Michael Jackon. He was sooo nice and showed all the dancers alot of love and respect which makes me respect and look up to like even more than i already did. The Chero was type dopeee...extra creative just like MJ.Hes still goin hard..aintttttttt noooo 1 FFFFFFFaKinnnn wit yeah it was such a great an amazing experience to be there and meet him im still in like ahhhh...i love cali tho..its definitly good to get away from the nasty NYC weather. but NY is where its at tho...BIG UPSSSSSSS NYCCCCCCCCC BABY! tryna be internationally knownnn lol..i mean i been half way around the world now im tryna see what else this is out there...ahh i love bein a free a bird or sumthing...i just go where ever the wind blows and make the best out of any situation. its all about making the universe work for you!...but still keep it humble at the same time.. treat everyone with kindness even when u wanna jus bugg out trust me i kno im a LEO..and the LION in me isnt always easy to

on that going to go pack becus i leave for Arizona tomorrow..
yay I get to see my beautiful sister who is a dopeee hair stylest if i may add., new hair due when i come home plus glitter nails and toes..Im SucH a GirLy GirL...and britney spears concert 2!...woooHoooo...god is greatttttttt



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