Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey Guys. Its been a minute. I just wanted to update you alittle on whats been going on in my world. Well lets see. I shot a video with J Lo last week for her new song ... it was soo much fun. She is seriously the best, so down to earth, very focused and super nice. That chick is Backkk... lets see what else, oh, The new year started for the performing arts school i work for. its very exciting meeting all the new students, im teaching Hiphop. Jazz. Ballet. Acting. Singing. and Acrobatics. I sure do got my work cut out for me!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy my job so much tho. i wouldnt trade my life for anthing. Life is beautiful. I couldnt be more blessed. Im on the right path. super determined and ready for whatever the future holds. Also my album is coming together oh so right. a big Thank You to all the producers sending me FIREEE and helping my vision come to life!!! WATCH OUT E.BABY IS COMING TO A STAGE NEAR YOU!!!

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