Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dancing at the Beyonce Bhappy Event in NYC

So Last Night i was dancing at Beyonce and Lorrain Schwarts *BHappy* Event.. It was such a blast!!.. Plus i was like dripppin' in diamonds... i mean what girl wouldnt like that..:)...Some of my Biggest Idols where in the building... Mary J --- Patti Labelle -- Kim Kardashian -- and so manyy more... It was such a greatt experience and i got to meet so0 many people... Rubbin Elbows... lol... I feel blessed to do what i love everyday and never have to feel like im being forced to go to work.. ughhh. Id hate that... I will continue to encourage everyone to follow there dreams and live a freeeee lifee... i mean com'On... you only Get ONE!....Much Love.. Im about to head to the studiO ..

Xo - EbaBy

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