Monday, November 16, 2009


Beautiful Monday in NYC. Im on my Daily internet Grind, Burning music for new artists that i am working with, collecting photos from my most recent shoots, putting a new website together along with organizing all the millions of video footage i have!... STRESS!!!...But that kinda stress that makes ya feel like you "used your time well". I cant complain. The Best Thing in Life, is LIFE and im gratful for every moment of it!...I wish you all could see my Marilyn Monroe Shirt im wearing 2day. Its SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Fab. I did my hair and makeup just like she has it on the shirt. Totally Killer. I must say. Im more than a triple threat!. I can do just about anything i try:) its a mind thing ppl!. Put out great and the universe returns to you with greatER!!!!!!!!!! Its been working for me thus far!

Ok back to my work:) I wanna leave yall with a special quote tho...

"Passion isnt enough, you have to possess an intensity that scares people"


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